Saturday, March 7, 2015

On the subject of my little girl getting bigger.

I took the nice Kong bed out of Bessie's red fold-up travel crate and brought it into my den today. Since she's been sleeping on my bed every night she hasn't been going in her crate. Because Bessie likes to hang out with me and she is getting too big to lay under my chair I thought the bed would be a nice place for her to lay down on. Well, as soon as she did I suddenly realized how big she has gotten, aside from my concerns over her weight. Take a look at these two photos.
And maybe the Vet can tell me why this little girl has such a sad look on her face all the time when she is surrounded with love.
I know I have spoiled her since she was a baby but her problem lately is she no longer likes to eat dog food. At first she enjoyed her Diamond brand puppy kibble. That was the kind they fed her at the dog shelter so she had gotten used to it during her short stay there. Then I began to sprinkle some shredded cheddar cheese on the kibble like I do for Ruff and Axl. When that didn't work any more I started to add a half can of ground dog food. That worked for a few weeks until last week she wouldn't eat it. So then I tried to spoon feed her the canned dog food. In the last few days even that had mixed results. So as a last resort I fixed up a batch of cooked oatmeal and she gobbled it right up.
When we go to Obedience School they taught us to give them small treats to get their attention and  follow commands. I have been working her this way every day and I thought maybe the treats spoiled her appetite.
So Monday morning we're going to see the Vet. I want my little girl to get her happy face back.


  1. Oh Nelson, I do hope that Bes is doing ok... Hope its nothing serious and she is back to her full bubble self again SOON!..
    And Ruff, sucking up to the teacher LOL... awesome.
    Wagging tails to all

    1. Flee, Ruffin is a babe magnet, seriously. As I wrote, he has that "HUG ME" look on his face.
      As for Bessie, she had her second dose of medicine at bedtime and would not eat her normal breakfast. Will be trying the oatmeal and kibble again.

    2. More like Kiss me face lol...
      AAww sorry she is not doing to well. I do hope the blood work comes back with something positive. I know when my boy was diagnosed with Ehrlichiosis the vet suggested par boiled Livers, they love the taste and the Iron is supposedly very good for them when they have no appetite.
      Im thinking of you all tonight, lets hope she gets back to normal asap...

      Hugs Flee