Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow and Temperature records falling all over the place. Rottweilers overjoyed.

The weather out here has been changing. In the past week we briefly enjoyed one day with 60-degree temperature followed by 24-hours of rain that washed all of the remaining snow pack away that had been on the ground for several weeks. Thankfully, that muddy mess only lasted one day. And then last night it started snowing again as the daytime temperatures slowly dropped to several degrees below freezing.

So this morning we woke up to a brand new Winter landscape with a fresh coating of snow about 6-inches deep. And baby Bess and her playmate Ruff thoroughly enjoyed every minute they spent outside. One side note was that when the rain washed away the snow I managed to find five of Bessie's Kong toys that she had taken outside to play with in the snow. I picked them all up and laid them on one of the chairs on the front patio and as soon as we went outside today she stopped to grab a few to run around with.
First look at 8am. Gee, there are no footprints anywhere. It was a little too dark to take pictures so we went inside for breakfast.
An hour later we came back outside.

As Bess gets bigger she poses a formidable challenge when she plays with Ruff. She can easily topple him over.

 Ah, the power and agility of youth. Bessie runs like a deer.

 It all about challenges. Bessie taunts Ruff to try and take her ball away from her.

Ruff puts up a good effort to chase Bessie but his age and size work against him and slow him down. Bessie literally can run circles around him.

The weatherman reminded us that Spring is only a few weeks away as if to add a glimmer of hope. I can fully sympathize with the people in Boston who have endured record-breaking snowfalls this Winter but we have broken a few records for ourselves. I, for one, can't wait for Spring.


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