Sunday, May 3, 2015

Add one more thing to the list that Bessie hasn't seen before.

I will never forget the opportunities that I missed to record some of the wonderful sights I've seen because I didn't have my camera to take a picture. Like the first time Bessie saw a butterfly, a small white one that almost landed on her nose, and the startled look in her eyes. Or the time she noticed her first Dandelion puff ball and when she sniffed it and it blew apart. Well today was another first. A brightly painted truck came rolling down our street playing music. Bessie heard it come up the street before she saw it. It was an ice-cream vendor and it is one of the first signs of Summer. We live on a very quiet dead-end street so I knew the truck had to turn around and come back on its way out - so I had time to go fetch my camera.
As it slowly drove by our house Bessie started to trot over toward the street and after yelling at her to stop, I almost thought the driver was going to stop to sell her some ice cream. But from this angle I realized he couldn't see her but his window was open so I think he heard me say STOP.
Maybe next Spring I'll have another chance to take a picture of her and a butterfly.


  1. I do hope you bought Bes an Ice-cream... LOL..

  2. Sorry, Flee, but I didn't have my wallet with me and because of that I'm glad the driver didn't stop. If I had my wallet I would have bought her ice cream, and Ruffin, too. They were both out there.