Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Great Weight Race is over.

Bess and Ruff went to the Vet's office Tuesday for their booster shots and I got an opportunity to get her on the big scale there. As I was beginning to think, she hasn't gained any weight in over two months. At the age of 10-months Bessie now weighs 81 lbs. If you will recall last year I was so impressed with her growth rate that I began comparing it to Ruffin's. When Ruff was 10-months old he weighed 92 lbs. For the record, Ruff has been on a diet for over six months and he has trimmed down from 132 lbs to 120 lbs and he looks a whole lot better. His Thyroid test came in a a bit high last year and the Vet put him on 3x 0.8mg Levothyroxine pills per day.
For a while I had thought Bess would top out over 100 pounds at the rate she was going but she stopped growing a few months too early. I hope this had nothing to do with her eating disorder because I am still having trouble getting her to eat regular dog food. The Vet says she looks very good but I still think she is a bit thin. Hopefully in the months ahead I'll figure out why she won't eat like my other Rottweilers do and maybe she will put on a few more pounds.


  1. Hi Nelson, I think 81 lbs is a very normal and healthy weight for a 10-month female Rottie. Our Freyja was 84 lbs at 11.5 months and she continued to fill out over the next year or so, finally ending up at about 100-105 lbs as a fully mature female (now 2.5 years). The breed standards say 77-105 lbs is ideal for a female, so I think Bessie's going to be just right!

    1. I sure hope so because Bessie has bigger feet than Ruff. Not gaining any weight for several months got be alarmed especially with the eating disorder.

  2. Hey there. Her weight really doesn't sound too bad for a 10 month old. My Girl is 3 years old now and comes in at just on 96 pounds, so I'm sure Bes will get there, just remember the first year is up and the second year is out...
    Oh and Duke the Dino now weighs in at 105 pounds. *scared Face*

  3. Flee, My first 5 Rottweilers led me to believe they would eat anything placed in front of them and as much as I would give them. Then came Axl and in his advanced maturity he showed me that once in awhile he would only want one meal a day and some days, two meals like the rest. Now I have Bess, and she is a picky, finicky eater but still looks healthy. And your boy Dike the Dino is beginning to sound like a Godzilla Rott. When Bess was growing so fast I said she was a new Amazonus Maximus Rottus but I'll pass that title to you.

  4. LOL, thanks Nelson I will bistow the honour upon him tonight. Must take and send you some photo's of the brute

    Keep well