Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Magical Tree

This is the story of the magical tree. My apologies if this sounds like Dr. Seuss, it is not my intention.

Trees are big and trees are tall and everyone knows that the branches on trees are way up there. Of course you all know that because you have to look up to see them. So what do you make of a tree that has a branch that comes down almost to the ground? Has the tree bent over to reach down and touch you? To pet you on the head when you walk under it or to shake your hand? Our Rotties have always asked these questions because the tree has been there for a long time but one little Rottie girl named Bessie has decided to make this magical tree something special to play with. Every time we go out front (except in the Winter when there are no leaves) she gets so excited when she walks through this branch on this tree and sometimes she grabs hold of some leaves and yanks them off like they were some new-found toys.

I am sure you will agree that any tree that can make a Rottie girl so happy has got to be a magical tree. 
Rest easy Dr. Seuss, you have nothing to worry about.



  1. Hahahaha, Nelson. I had a tree... HAD!!
    Duke rips off the branches and run up and down the drive with them, then poo's splinters LOL... I have a demon dog... :-)

  2. Flee, I think both Ruff and Bess chew on dead branches to make toothbrushes out of them. Intentional or not, it does a pretty good job cleaning their teeth. The running joke around here whenever he is chewing up a branch is that Ruffin is a giant termite.

  3. Bess is your "Branch Manager". Our rottie Freyja is ours ;) No tree is safe when Freyja is around, she will rip off a branch, sometimes several feet long, and tote it around with pride!