Sunday, August 16, 2015

Another night at the movies.

Ruff was taking a long snooze in the hallway so I decided to put a new Blu-Ray film into the player and spend the evening with my girl Bess watching a movie. I can always depend on her to lay on the couch next to me while we're watching TV. Tonight was no different. She seemed to have that snooty look on her face again so I paused the film to get a few pictures. She poses rather nicely, doesn't she. I love the causally folded front legs.
Then back to watching some more of the movie and Bess quickly dozed off. I thought the movie was exciting but I guess even the loud sound effects couldn't keep Bessie awake. Poor little thing looks like she could barely keep her eyes open.
After awhile Bess decided to stretch out and found a convenient platform to support her head, the coffee table that I made from a slab from a tree. So I paused the movie again to take one more picture.
Bessie reminds me of how Axl used to sleep on the same couch years ago.


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