Thursday, August 13, 2015

Some really big news and a nice story, too.

Early yesterday morning I drove Ruff to the Vet’s office to have his nails clipped. He only gets this done with anesthesia so I had to come back around 3 o’clock to pick him up.
I was going to take Bess with him to get her nails clipped but she was acting all hyped up before we even got to the car. I didn’t want her acting that way at the Vet’s office so I put her back in the house.
This morning I planned on taking just Bess but she and Ruff were acting very calmly together outside so I took them both.
And I wished I had my camera.
The tandem leash hookup I made works fine and Bess and Ruff walked very nice side by side. Soon as we got inside the office they both did a simultaneous leap with their front feet onto the 4 ft. high counter to see the girls. It looked like a perfectly choreographed jump and they both hung their feet over the other side and stayed that way until they got some treats.
Then while the girl was checking us in the two of them repeated their trick three more times. I tell you, everyone was staring at them in amazement, with smiles on their faces. I think if someone had pulled out a cell phone to record this, I would have paid them for a picture.
Now for the BIG NEWS.
Bess weighed 91 LBS. on the Vet’s scale.
My little finicky eating baby girl has been secretly growing and I guess I haven't been paying attention.
It's times like this when I wish I had one of those small Go-Pro cameras mounted on my hat.

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