Friday, August 21, 2015

I found some previously unposted pictures of baby Bess and Ruff

Late last August when I brought baby Bess home to meet her new Rottweiler family there was such a flurry of activity that I was snapping almost 25 pictures a day trying to capture all the excitement. i just found a sequence of photos that had not been posted here on this blog. And I think you will agree they are very funny.

Bess has never been shy when she approaches Ruff. I was convinced that Ruff was building up her self-confidence by letting the little midget think she was beating up the giant Rottweiler. Matter of fact she comes at him full of steam and bravado. In these pictures Ruff responds to one of Bessie's attacks with an explosive move that sends Bessie backwards. Then, undeterred, she starts another attack all over again.


These pictures were taken on September 2nd, last year, a few days after I brought Bessie home.
One more note about this. Everything you see above was happening in complete silence. I once wrote it was like looking at a silent movie. Ruff never growled or barked and neither did Bessie. It was a full two weeks before either of these two made any sound at all. And I seem to remember that Bessie was quite shocked the day she learned she had a voice.

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  1. AAAwww Nelson.. Don't you just wish they could stay that big for ever... And that Puppy Breath.
    I cannot believe tha yo have had Bes for almost a year. Congrats