Monday, September 21, 2015

Early evening, just before sunset.

We needed a break today. The last few days have been really bad around here. Too bad old man Axl won't leave his Mom to go for a walk with us but he seems to know she needs him more than ever. Even when she is taking a nap the only time he leaves her is to go outside to pee. The look in his eyes when he lays his head in her lap tells me how worried he is. And that's one of the reasons we needed to get out of the house so I took my big buddy and his girlfriend. The Sun was about an hour before setting and the long shadows made some dramatic pictures. I am still waiting for the leaves to turn into their Fall glory but the wet Summer may have delayed this a few weeks.
I managed to grab some spare time and cut the grass out back the other day. Now it makes it look like a real park. I just love all these trees here and the dozen more that I planted years ago are starting to fill in scenery very nicely.
Hopefully this will be the last time this year that the grass will need cutting. I've noticed in previous years that when the leaves begin to fall they get stuck in the grass when its too high. When the grass is short like it is now they just blow away.



  1. I hope everything is OK. Prayers to you and your wife.

    1. Many thanks for your concern. Prayers are always gratefully accepted. Things have quieted down and hopefully back to normal.