Saturday, September 5, 2015

Grandpa Axl seems to be spending a lot of time with Bessie.

Yesterday afternoon Bess and me had a visitor come in the den. Old man Axl came in and after a few minutes of ear scratches, kisses and other greetings, Axl decided to lay down next to Bessie on her day bed. I've seen Bessie lay down next Axl when he's in his Mom's bedroom and she gets very lovable with him, smothering him with face licks and ear washes. Now it seems that Bess has become an attraction to Mr. Axl, as well.
And the feelings are mutual.
We are closing in on another important event around here. Next month on October 10th, Axl will be 14-years old. He is still able to get around on his own with only some minor weakness in his hind legs but he has no other health problems. He gets to sleep a lot and he snores louder than any other Rottweiler we've ever had. Heck, if I was his age I'd be taking naps on the couch every day too. So its time to start making plans for another birthday party. And not to be left out, baby Ruff with be 9-years old in November, almost a full month after his best friend Axl.


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