Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cold days, warm nights

Winter has arrived in Northern Kentucky. I knew it had to eventually. You can get used to Spring-like temperatures in December like we had here this season. So yesterday we had our first snow, all of 1-inch, but still enough to get the Rottweilers excited. So it was decided they had to go for a walk down to the backyard. Well, two out three made the trip. The old guy stayed indoors, something about a need to take care of his Mom. Whatever, he looked very comfortable laying on his couch so I left him there.

An inch of snow is just as pretty to look at as a foot of snow. It would have looked prettier if the Sun was out but the sky was still overcast with clouds. The overcast was so bad that I had to boost the exposure on these photos to lighten them up before I posted them - which made them look a bit washed out. Besides that, this was Bessie's first chance to run wild, off leash and attack every snowflake she encountered. And Ruff was not too far behind her.
And back where we started.
Later that night after everyone had dinner, Bess and Ruff decided to entertain us. I am never sure what the objective is with some of their games so I often just let the photo(s) tell the story. I've seen the things they do in the leather chair and sometimes it looks like the game we used to call King of the Hill. But anyway, I talk too much.
And with this out of their system (whatever this was) it was time for some love and kisses. That's my favorite time because I was also in the middle of it and managed to avoid getting the camera slobbered.
What you see in this last picture may look like a three-way but what actually happened was a four-way. And yours truly got kissed by everyone.

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