Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Seen through the kitchen window

Our first snow last week, all 1/2 inch of it came and went. And Mother Nature gave us a nice, brand new, replacement last night. This time we got a full 2-inches and the Rottweilers were in their glory once again. But the weather has turned very cold, hovering between 0-degrees F. and in the mid-20's and one thing out back has changed. The foot-deep puddle in the middle of the pool cover has frozen solid. Now Bessie loves to explore and do wild and crazy things, because she is young, has been using the pool cover as an exciting trampoline, running across it, bouncing with every step and leap. And occasionally running through the puddle or at least at the shallow edge of it. I know this because I saw her do it twice but also because she frequently comes in the house soaking wet from her belly down to her toes.

The frozen puddle is something new to her and it also had to be checked out.

For several days I have looked out the kitchen window and noticed skid marks in the thin snow cover on top of the frozen puddle. This told me that Bess has been sliding across it. Then a few days ago I actually spotted her attempt to walk across the ice. She didn't do it too well and I was determined to capture her comical, legs flailing efforts with the camera. So I brought the camera out and left it on the counter top near the kitchen window.

In between our two snow days I captured Bessie standing at the rear of the pool with the setting sun behind her. When I uploaded it to the computer this afternoon it looked so pretty. She was glowing in the sunlight.
And earlier today after the snow stopped, I got some nice shots of Bessie and her ever-present protector Ruff also out behind the pool. And the last picture I took was Bessie's attempt to walk on the pool cover. All she managed to do was step on it and when she began to slide in the snow she leaped back on to the sidewalk.

I'll keep the camera in the kitchen until I get to see her try to cross the ice. It will be worth the wait.
Postscript: the next day.
I couldn't see what was going on in the backyard last night but this morning it was quite evident from all the footprints that little Bessie has been having lots of fun running across the pool cover. And I got two photos this morning of her doing it but because of the thickness of the snow she doesn't seem to be sliding when she runs across the ice.



  1. Hey Nelson!
    You have taken so many beautiful pictures of your magnificent rotties in the snow. I enjoy lookin at them and reading stories behind the pictures :)

    In Finland we got snow after Christmas and some more on the first week of January. And I love it! We got so much that I could trudge trough it and only my head was showing. Now it's melting and I don't enjoy it as much because I don't like my paws getting wet and it's slippery slush.


    1. Hello, Roki, I can't wait to see the pictures of you playing in the snow on your beautiful blog. Have you tried to catch any falling snow flakes yet? My Bessie thought that was a very cool thing when she first saw them land on her nose.