Friday, April 15, 2016

Escaping from the cabin fever

Today was only the second time in a few months that I managed to take Ruff and Bess down the back for a long walk. And I quickly noticed that the grass is sorely in need of cutting. So this weekend it looks like that will be the one project that must be done. Good thing Ruff and Bess didn't mind traipsing through the grass halfway up their legs. But first I have another photo to post here that I took a few days ago indoors. Bess went to sleep laying half off the couch and half on the wooden coffee table I made from a tree. That seems to be a popular table as old man Axl always used to sleep the same way when we were in the room watching TV. I still don't see how it is more comfortable than just curling up or stretching out on the couch.
The three Rotts have been really good lately babysitting their Mom in the afternoon while I was away so because the weather was so perfect for a walk we just had to do it.
Why walk when you can run. She always seems to have boundless energy.
One more reason to get to that weekend project. My neighbors have already started.
Its almost too hard to believe how time has flown by so quickly. Ruffin, who I often still call Baby Ruff, will be 10 years old in November. I took him to the Vet a few days ago to get his annual checkup and found out he was 135 lbs and that's 10-pounds overweight. The Vet took another blood sample for a new Thyroid check but I already new why he had gained so much weight. He can't walk past a food dish, anybody's food dish, without checking for scraps. And Bess is still a finicky eater and often walks away leaving half a meal. I'm not always around to see it but I know Ruff is scoffing it up. I knew I had to get to the Vet so I could renew Ruff's prescription for Levothyroxine for his Thyroid. We had been running low so I cut his dosage back to one pill a day to stretch it out.
Gotta give equal time to everyone in the family. Here is old man Axl out for his morning constitutional. 20 days after the start of Spring we had a half inch of snow on the ground. It all disappeared soon after the Sun came up but the Rotts all enjoyed it.
And one more of baby Bess.

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