Friday, April 22, 2016

Now we have a name for it: This is Bessie's Bola

Since I made the contraption that I wrote about the other day, I have been entertained by the gymnastic dancing display put on by baby Bess every time she plays with it. This has become, hands down, her all-time favorite toy so I have given some thought about a name for it. Well, what it seems to look like is a Bola, most famously used by the gauchos (Argentinian cowboys). So if the name fits, that's what it is.

More fun than a barrel of monkeys.

And if I get lucky enough to capture a photo of her new toy wrapped around her snout, I will post it right away. Because of the look on her face, is priceless. This was the closest I got.


  1. She's so beautiful! How old is she now? What does she weigh?

    1. Bess will be 2 years old on July 1st. I haven't had the chance to get her on a scale but I'm sure she is over 90 lbs.

    2. My male pup just turned 10 months old, he resembles your Bess quite a bit. We estimate he's about 90 lbs, which we consider small, since his older brother is over 130 lbs!

    3. Your 10-month old pup still has a year more to grow. None of our females were ever bigger than 105 lbs. I think Bess has filled out just right and wouldn't be surprised if she was closer to 100 lbs. Just can't get to the Vet right away to put her on the scale.