Friday, December 2, 2016

A gift of love from Jacqueline's old friend came the other day.

Everyone seems to know about the love we both have for Rottweilers, and the running joke about how we can never get enough of them. A few days ago a package arrived in the mail from a wonderful lady named Marge who was Jacqueline's best friend when she lived in Northern Kentucky. We all came down here together in 1991 when Delta was expanding flight operations at CVG. I worked with her husband for many years before we both retired. Marge bought a little Rottie puppy plush toy and had it mailed to Jacqueline from her home in North Carolina. The card that came attached read: "I think you need another Rottie."

From the moment I gave the toy puppy to Jacqueline she held in her hands and her fingers kept stroking and caressing it. She even held on to it when she was sleeping.

When I got Jacqueline out of bed this morning to have breakfast she was still holding her baby Rottie so we took it out to the kitchen while we had breakfast. She never let go of it all the time.
That's what Rottweilers do to you. They fill you heart with love and you can't ever stop thinking about them.

Marge was right, we could always use another Rottie. But these little guys are not as soft a cuddly as the one she sent.

Friends come and go but good friends never leave.


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  1. Marge sounds like a wonderful, thought friend and Jacqueline certainly looks like she's loving the new addition.