Friday, December 9, 2016

My annual Rottweiler Christmas Card project, (Part two)

Here is the second batch of outtakes on my quest for the perfect Rottweiler Christmas card for 2016. Like the others before each was marred by the unexpected turn of the head or dropping out of the frame, as Axl is fond of doing. This batch also ends with what I thought would be the most promising card. One that had everyone sitting just right (except me) and looking in the right direction but one that required the most digital remastering. When I started this years ago I tried to attach the Santa Claus hats with elastic chin straps but this became too difficult and unpredictable. Later on I posed each Rottweiler by themselves with the hat and took several pictures and then saved just the hat to later paste on top of someone's head.
It is futile to try and hide a few biscuits. They gang up on you until they get what they want.
And here is the completely finished, Second Place choice card.
I originally liked this card because everyone was looking in the right direction but I looked like I had too many drinks and was falling over. But the Santa Clause hats came out pretty nice anyway.


  1. I think with this whole production you deserve a few drinks!!!!
    Pat in AZ