Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My annual Christmas card project begins. (Part one)

Two days ago I started taking photos to use on our annual Rottweiler Christmas card. To make up for the shortage of Rottweiler pictures on this blog lately, I decided to post some of the outtakes from the project. When I first started doing this Christmas card it was a tedious effort to get everyone ready and then go set the timer on the camera, run back to the couch and hope to get a decent picture. I even went to the trouble of putting a leash on each of the three Rotts so that Jacqueline could keep them from walking away.

All that changed when I bought a remote shutter release for my Nikon. Now I no longer need to leave the couch and I can hold all the dogs in place. It also helped to have a box of Milk Bone dog biscuits on hand. On the plus side I have a lot of good pictures to choose from but if there are any downsides it is that I have too many pictures to choose from. So rather than one final Christmas card to share I am posting a few of the dozens of Rottweiler pictures that were taken.
 The camera wasn't tilted down far enough and I only got the top of Axl's head which I cropped off.
I love to get kisses from Ruff. He uses them to buy favors, like "Gimme a biscuit."

Now if I can only get Axl to turn around.
Great example of Rottweiler biscuit radar.
OK. Take 2. Where is Momma?
A little pep talk to explain how I want everyone to pose for the camera. By the way, if anyone is still curious about how big Bessie has grown, that is her on the left sitting next to the big guy, Ruffin. I still haven't had the chance to take her to the Vet's office to put her on a scale but I'm sure she is well over 100 lbs.
Ruffin on the couch and Bessie on the floor. Now where did old man Axl wander off?
That's better. This is only a small bit of the three dozen pictures. Believe it or not out of all of these I managed to pick just one that came out just right. Stay tuned for Part 2.
One more note of interest. Take a close look at the little Christmas Tree on the table. It has over 25 tiny Rottweilers climbing it. Here is a closer look.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love that tree with the Rotties climbing on it!!

    1. It is incredibly detailed and I fell in love with it right away. I bought it years ago from The Danbury Mint but it has since become a discontinued item. At the time they made it with several different breeds of dogs on it and if you check eBay there is a listing for one with Pugs for $299. Google Images show several nice photos of the different ones.

  2. THe pictures are priceless and funny. Don't know how you manage to handle those cuties by yourself especially when being attacked with kisses! Jacquelyn really looks well -- your great care really shows. Good luck with the project, Pat
    Pat in AZ