Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Catching up on the past week

Bess and Ruff have been following me around the house every day and both of them take naps right behind my chair in my den while I am on the computer. They are such wonderful companions. I have always been amazed at their keen sense of hearing. They can be sound asleep on the floor in the den but when I sneak out to the kitchen to have lunch, as soon as I open the refrigerator door they wake up and come out to join me for a snack. 
Bess sleeps on my bed every night and Ruff sleeps on his doggie bed on the floor between the bed and the closet. I usually go to bed between midnight and 1AM and whatever time it is the last thing I do is take them both out for a last minute pee. Then off to bed we go and they sleep all night long and they never complain when I don't wake up early. I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping until my doctor decided after having me do an overnight Pulse Oximeter test that I needed oxygen to sleep with. Since then I now get at least a 6-7 hour uninterrupted sleep and the two Rottweilers sleep right along with me.

Here are some new photos that I've taken in the past few days.
Another morning on the computer, another day hanging out with my two best friends. Bess and Ruff just got into an amorous mood and were taking turns giving me kisses. Another day watching them preen and kiss and lick each others faces and ears. You'd think they were in love.

Being a contortionist with a camera. These photos were shot at arm's length without a viewfinder while I was still sitting in my chair. If you think it hard to take a photo at arms length without using the viewfinder, try taking one with yourself in the picture. Not the same as a selfie with a cell phone, these are taken with a full size Nikon and were not cropped or fixed in any way.
And two from last night when I was having some peanut butter pretzels. Of course you can't have any kind of snack without sharing it with your best friends.

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