Monday, October 16, 2017

Catching up with some long delayed posts.

I hate to dwell on the subject but crappy health has been keeping me indoors way too much. And every time I turn around I find Ruff and Bessie taking naps behind me like this small den has become their new whole world. 

So while I have been posting little tidbits on my Facebook page to keep my Rottie fans happy, I have been reminiscing about a lot of the good old days. Here is a recap of some of my posts.
Memories of some wonderful vacations while working for Pan Am
Memories are made of this. 30 years working for Pan Am gave us some of the best vacation trips anyone could ask for. Flying Stand-By in First Class was as memorable an experience as the destinations themselves. Modern day flying with plastic-wrapped meals cannot compare to the delight of having a Flight Attendant arrive at your seat with a serving cart and cutting board like the first photo. So off to our first destination: Hawaii.
On to the Island of Kauai a most unexpected find, The Grand Canyon of the Pacific. And our helicopter ride hit all the right notes when it swooped over it.

The Nightly Sign Off
Signing off at the end of the day has given me a chance to share some of the many photos of our sleeping beauties. 

Its getting very late and I'll have to say Good Night. Ruff is already sound asleep and I have to wake him to get him into his bed.
Well, another day has come to an end. So its time to call it a night. Good Night everyone.

And some lighter notes.
 I just found another photo of me singing to one of my Rottweilers. It so happens its also Sassy who was also in the previous singing photo. In both cases it looks spontaneous so I cannot explain it but she was a special little girl. Both photos were taken in 2007.
And in the meantime there is this
My two constant companions have taken up residence in my den because that's where we spend most of the day. They sleep snuggled up together and sometimes Bess wiggles her way under my computer table to dose off to sleep.

More catch up to come

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