Thursday, January 25, 2018

Unauthorized use of copyrighted material

A friend on Facebook sent me a private message telling me she read an article posted in another group and she recognized two photos of my wife Jacqueline. I went to the group and saw the source of the article was a commercial web site called I tracked down the owner of the web site who lives in San Miguel, El Salvador and sent them the following email.
Subj: Unauthorized use of copyrighted material

Ligia Astrid Hernandez Bonilla
IT Consultoria SA deCV
Colonia Palo Blanco, Senda Araucaria casa # 7 block F
San Miguel, El Salvador 3301

The article entitled "9 Reasons You Should Cuddle Your Rottweiler More Often" that appears on your commercial web site contains two photographs of my late wife Jacqueline in the subsections 6 and 8. You have not requested from me permission to use them and because you have used them on a commercial web site you are hereby notified that no such permission would be granted. I hereby order you to remove these photographs immediately.

I wish to call your attention to the legal notice that appears on my blog Living With Rottweilers

Copyright Notice
All photographs contained in Living With Rottweilers are copyrighted by Nelson Abdullah and may not be used for any commercial purpose.

Since these photos have not appeared anywhere else then this must be assumed to be the place where they were taken without authorization.

Nelson Abdullah

UPDATE added same day as post.
On this blog in the upper right corner I posted a statement regarding the copyright of every photo used in this blog. I never complained when someone took one for personal use and I have seen at least one meme using a photo of Ruff laying on the couch. But I draw the line when the photos are used without permission on a commercial web site.
The two photos below that were used without permission were obtained by simply using Google Image Search and typing in the query "hug a rottweiler". But it is plain to see the details about their source and ownership are immediately clear once the photo is clicked on.
UPDATE FINAL: Just received an email from the web site in El Salvador and they apologized and removed the photos of Jacqueline from their article.

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