Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A few odds and ends.

Followup note to Bessie Wins post yesterday. This afternoon I walked in on Bessie and Axl sharing the couch again. Seems that Bessie likes her new best friend and seems to treat the old Rottweiler differently from her aggressive war games that she plays with Ruff. She likes to rub up against him when they are outside together but she doesn't jump on him - which is a good thing. Axl's hind legs are not too strong anymore and some weeks ago Bessie actually knocked him over.
Speaking of those war games, tonight Bessie and Ruff were at it again while I was trying to watch TV. She has grown quite a bit and it becomes evident when she stands on her hind feet and stretches out.
Her growth is even more obvious when you take a close look at her feet. At 3-months of age her paws are almost as big as my hand. I noticed that this morning when I managed to clip all of toenails. They were getting to be as sharp as needles. I hope I can get her used to this later on. I have to take the boys to the Vet to have their nails done - with anesthesia.
I think Bessie is going to be a big girl. Just the way I like them.

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  1. My guy hates to have his nails clipped, too. With time and persistence, we've gotten him somewhat used to it, but he definitely does not enjoy it. I love the picture of Bessie with her paw over Ruffin's nose. She's so adorable!