Sunday, October 5, 2014

End of the day at our house.

After a quiet day at home we sat around the TV watching an old movie tonight and it was almost Midnight when Bessie came walking into the family room clanging away with her empty food dish in her mouth looking for a snack. In the background you can see a scene from the The Incredible Shrinking Man. And then when it ended everyone but me headed for bed. Bessie has been carrying her food dish around a lot lately and I wanted to get a picture of her doing it. When she came through the room from the kitchen, I went back to the den and grabbed the camera. When I returned I caught her heading back to the kitchen.
What the house looks like at the end of the day. Took this before I swept the floor.



  1. I'm going to have to come up with more adjectives; your pictures are wonderful. I feel like I am stalking the Rottweilers!

    1. Thank you. I'm really not a great photographer, I just have the law of averages on my side. I usually take upwards of 50 or pictures at a time and then find a few good ones to share.