Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A really beautiful family portrait.

It isn't often that everything falls into place perfectly when I take pictures of my Rottweilers. I had just retrieved my camera to take a picture of Ruff and Bessie looking out the back door - but of course when I got back with it they had moved a bit. Then for no reason at all Ruff gets up on the couch with Axl and Bessie wanted to join them. So I picked her up and sat her between the big boys and got this wonderful family portrait on the first try. I mean, it is perfect. Everyone has their eyes open and all three are looking right at the camera.
Please note that Bess has her front leg on Ruff's shoulder just like formal portraits are posed. Then as would be expected, these two had to begin wrestling. And also note the disgusted expression on Axl's face. He definitely does not approve.
Oh, and here is the original picture I took of Ruff and Bessie at the back door. Notice the fine selection of home-made toys laying on the floor including the empty plastic jar that makes so much noise when Bess tosses it around. You can't buy stuff like that in a pet store.


  1. Bessie really is Ruffin's little shadow, isn't she? I love the look on Axl's face. It's as though he's saying "those young whippersnappers are at it again!"

    That is a perfect family photo of the three of them!

  2. Fab pictures. Great memories. She'll be all grown up before you know it. :-)

    1. Amy, I just reread your comment from 2 years ago when I posted a new one today. Yes, she is all grown up now and weighs 100 pounds more than she did when those pictures were taken.

  3. Love seeing these pics! I just recently had to have Zoe put to sleep, she had advance diabetes, I had her almost eleven years. I had her cremated, so she is back home with me, so sad.

  4. Nelson, Sorry for the loss of Axl, Heaven gained another Angel.