Thursday, February 5, 2015

Daddy's little helper.

I was having some trouble getting my wife dressed this morning. Nothing more than usual but every time I tried to put on her shoes and socks a little head kept poking through between my wife's feet to see what I was doing. To some extent this is a daily occurrence around here but today I was determined to try and get a picture of it to share. Baby Bess has always been infatuated with shoe laces. She untied my shoelaces at the animal shelter the day I went there to meet her for the first time. And speaking of getting underfoot, she is laying on the floor between me and the computer desk right now as I write this. She doesn't realize how big she is getting and I need to reach out with arms length to type. When she was tiny she would wrap herself around the base of my swivel chair but now just uses it for a pillow for her head.

By the time I fetched the camera Bess was no longer between my wife's feet but she was trying once again to help me tie the shoe laces.
And thank you for the sweet smile when you paused to let me take your picture.

On the subject of all the help I get around here, here is a picture from yesterday of the palace guards guarding the throne room.

They all sure make life interesting around here.



  1. AAAwww so nice of baby Bess to help with looking after Mommy, Now to teach her how to do was the dishes and you will be set LOL... She is looking beautiful Nelson.
    Hugs and kisses from Hot SA

    1. Hi, Flee, I'll gladly trade you some of our cold for some of your heat. Last week we had a thaw and some enjoyable 50-60 degree weather. Now its below freezing again. BTW, little Bessie does a good pre-wash on the dishes. Still trying to get her to put them in the sink.

    2. LOL Nelson, I'm sending the heat that way for you, might take a while as our postal system, well sucks... Ha ha .. We are having another wave with some temps up to 100.... I just giggled out loud, I can imagine her licking to her hearts content with that big pink tongue :-)
      Mwah Kisses

    3. Flee, that big pink tongue is still pretty soft and smooth. I noticed with my old Rottie girls that it gets more course as they age. I used to call it a "pot-scrubber tongue" probably meant to wash their babies.