Friday, February 20, 2015

Winter has finally arrived. And it came with a vengence.

Rottweilers love snow. They also love cold air. It seems to invigorate them with an abundance of energy. Now our little Bessie has had her taste of a real Winter. Within the past week we have had three measurable snowstorms. The last time it snowed here on Feb. 12th, we only had a few inches but the first storm last weekend brought us 8-inches. This storm was followed two days later with 4 more inches which was followed again by another storm that dropped 3 more inches. And the cold has remained continuously preventing most of it from melting. And the weatherman has predicted 3-6 more inches of snow tomorrow.
Little Bessie had a lot of fun running across the sidewalk every time I shoveled it kicking more snow which needed to be shoveled again. 
After taking these pictures it was time to come in the house. As I turned I saw the gang had followed right behind me.
The worst part of this weather has been the bitterly cold, record-breaking low temperatures. Day before yesterday we went down to -7 F and this morning we hit -15 F and my primary concern was the Rottweilers getting frostbite on their toes. Other than that they seemed to be totally unaffected by the cold. When the wind was factored in the wind chill was -30 F.
 Here is a temperature map taken from a local TV station this morning
We are located just about in the middle of the triangle between -21, -15 and -4.
P.S. Due to weather and bad colds we have missed so many training classes that I re-enrolled Bessie in a new session starting on Monday. Weather pending. I really wished I could take her to class in the Spring but she is getting so big so fast.



  1. I do hope you are still managing the cold... BBBrrrr I would have been hibernating.
    Bessie looks like she "face planted" the snow, a snow mustache LOL... awesome picks Thanks

    1. Flee, snow cones are a natural Winter delicacy. Rotts love to eat ice cubes, too, but you already know that.