Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lets play a game, King of the hill or Queen of the chair.

I took some new pictures this morning and when I uploaded them into the computer I discovered another batch that I took the other day that was still in the camera. So this will be two posts in one.

As Bessie has gotten bigger she has become more demanding. Poor Ruff, he doesn't even know what he helped create with all of his play school combat with the little puppy. Now it seems that nothing is safe any more, not even his favorite chair.

So in just four pictures we see the mighty Rottweiler being forced from his resting place by an upstart would-be Queen.
And do you know what, it was all a game because less than a minute later Bessie got down off the chair. She didn't really want it, she just wanted to take it from Ruffin.

So this morning after my wife had her breakfast I happened to notice something that made me do a double take. Bessie and Ruff were laying side by side on the floor in front of the stove and it was hard to tell them apart. Bessie has officially reached the 75 LB mark and today is her 7-month birthday and Ruffin is still 50 LB bigger than she is but take a look at this.
Bessie is in the foreground and Ruff is in the back. Granted, the wide-angle lens adds a little distortion but you can see by the floor tiles there isn't much difference in size. Oh, and Bessie loves her big friend Ruff.
I think Ruffin is beginning to wonder just how big Bessie is going to get. He is still 50 lbs heavier but she is almost the same size as him.


  1. Gi~narma~mungous... thats the only word to describe Bessie, can not even call her baby anymore, She looks beautiful Nelson, and her coat so shiny... WOW.
    Love Axl in the background almost saying "Not Again"...

    1. Flee, Bessie has her way with old-man Axl. She butters him up with kisses and snuggles and his heart melts when she looks at him. He hasn't growled at her in the last few months.

      By the way, I still use the term baby when referring to Ruff. He will always be my big baby Rottweiler. Its my affectionate way of saying I raised him from a baby.

    2. LOL, you are so right. My big boy even when he weighed 130 pounds was my baby boy... Still refer to him as that when I think of him.