Friday, February 27, 2015

I was told I couldn't do this without her help.

You have already seen some of the things that go on around here in the morning. I try to record the little things that make Living With Rottweilers so much fun. That's also because I get a lot of help taking care of the Rottweiler's Mom. Some of the evidence of that help usually came about as an afterthought when I decided to interrupt what was going on to go get the camera.
Today was different. I planned in advance to get some pictures while my helper was busy doing her thing. 
As fast as I tried to tie the shoelaces my helper got them untied.
And then when I was finished I got a look that clearly said, "You couldn't have done it without my help."
These are just a few of the simple pleasures that my best friends give to make my day a little more cheerful. And I love ever precious moment.


  1. Look dad ... I helped... AAAwww man, she just looks so proud of herself.
    I do hope the snow has subsided a bit.

    Love to mom, and the "kids"

    1. Thanks, Flee. Not finished yet with the snow, more coming later this week. We have a saying up here in the Northern Hemisphere, March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb. Right now we have ice on the sidewalks from the rain we had yesterday.