Saturday, April 4, 2015

A quiet moment on a rainy day. A new clue to Bessie's problem.

Late afternoon, just before dinner time Friday and once again I am the only one working. Notice all the hungry faces waiting for dinner. Well, one of them isn't as hungry as the others and she is driving me nuts trying to figure out her problem. I tried to reinstate her obedience training using kibble in place of dog treats and it worked very well. Bess worked her way through a handful of nuggets. But because we were indoors I had to contend with Ruff begging for his royalty payments every time Bess got a reward. So a few hours later that may explain why she once again turns her nose up at dinner. But there is a new wrinkle to the puzzle. After dinner when I sat down to watch some TV Bessie came over for a pretzel that I was eating and I went and put a cup full of kibble in a small metal bowl. Here is where it gets interesting. Bessie would not eat from the bowl but if I picked up a kibble nugget she would eat it from my hand. If I placed it on the floor she would pick it up and eat it, too. So is she shying away from the metal bowl? Tomorrow I will have to try feeding her breakfast from a glass soup bowl like I tried a few weeks ago. I recall that the Vet suggested fooling her into thinking I was giving her food from the table. But the novelty only lasted for three meals.
At least, one way or another I can now get dog food into her. Hand feeding and using kibble for training treats makes no difference to me. And it gives me more time to figure out her real problem.

That Viyo stuff has some good nutrient value but it does not appear to enhance her appetite at all. Bess likes the taste and cleans up a few ounces of it in a small bowl but when I put it on her food it doesn't do anything. I will continue to use up what I have and wait and see what happens.


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