Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The goofy crowd paused to say, Hello.

By the look on these three faces you wouldn't think they had a care in the world. I guess, from their perspective, they don't, because all is right in their world. Grandpa Axl is in his regular spot on the couch, Ruffin has reclaimed his favorite chair and baby Bess just decided to take a stretch after laying on the hassock. But in between the frantic attempts to get the little one to eat they all enjoy lounging around in the family room. And about those frantic attempts, sometimes I think those comments about little Bessie training me may well be true.
Oh, the Rottie Mom was not too far away. She was watching the whole show from her powered recliner chair.
Yes, everything was right in their world.

1 comment:

  1. AAAwww Mom sure does have some sturdy protectors there :-) . Bes is really looking Good Nelson well done.
    Slobber kisses