Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bessie's progress report. Still changing but not resolved.

It seems that some days Bess will relieve her self-induced hunger by eating both breakfast and dinner and other days she will eat one meal but not the other. I got my order for Viyo Recuperation from yesterday. The directions say it works best if given before breakfast so I didn't hold much hope for immediate results but I tried it last night at dinner time. And Bessie picked that meal to sniff and walk away from. One of the many uses for Viyo is to increase appetite for dogs following surgery. I was hoping it would get Bessie back into enjoying her regular meals and not be such a finicky eater. The Viyo comes in a liquid form and dosage by weight means Bess will get about 3 ounces a day. It has a very favorable aroma and Bess liked the taste and licked up all that I gave her but then wanted nothing to do with her breakfast. Tonight at dinner, I squirted some over her food and she ate her entire meal. I can't figure this out yet. Some days she eats only one meal and some days she eats two meals. I am not making any early conclusions about the Viyo until I try it for a few more days. I bought about 32 ounces of it so it would last about 10 days.

After dinner she appeared as lively and playful as ever. Before I went back to my den I took some pictures of Bess on her new chair. She seemed to be showing off her big feet because I have been chiding her lack of appetite by telling her if she didn't eat she would wind up a skinny little girl with big feet and all the other dogs would make fun of her. 

Then she followed me into the den and was determined to get me to play ball with her. Bessie made a big effort to get my attention and managed to push me away from the computer several times. That's not too difficult sitting on a chair with wheels.
Even climbing up in my lap.

She is still my sweetheart.


  1. She is beautiful! Such an expressive face!

  2. AAAwww Nelson, I really did hope that the Viyo would be like a miracle cure and everything would be sorted. I do hope she starts picking p on her eating,,,, would not want the other doggies to tease her ;-)
    She is still a beautiful baby.