Saturday, April 25, 2015

The return of Snooty Rott

Plus another weird tale from the kitchen.
Snooty Rott has returned.

Only once before in the 20-years I have been privileged to live with Rottweilers have I ever had a Snooty Rott. And that would be my very first Rottweiler girl, Mocha, who I always called Mo. Just a quick jump back 8 years and you will see that baby Ruffin had two Moms, Mo in the foreground and Sassy in the back. Mo was the Queen or should I say the Empress and Sassy was the enforcer. But while I have had three girls before Bessie, I had Mo, and her mother Felony and Sassy, only Mo had the not-so pretended upper-class snooty look.
This is the look that I mean, the cool, classy, smart and self-confident Snooty look:
And Mo deserved ever one of those accolades. She had the ability to look at me and know what I wanted and would jump to the task without hesitation. I even began to imagine she could read my mind, we were so tuned to the same wave length.

So today I am sitting in my den with my almost 10-month old Bessie and I am taking some new pictures with the shutter remote and right in front of me I see that look.
I have some very high hopes for this young lady Rott and I am confident that when she becomes an adult Rottweiler she is going to be as smart as my first one 20 years ago.

Now for another weird tale from the kitchen.

Two days ago Bessie had a brief bout of diarrhea so I boiled up a chicken breast and a cup of rice. I gave her a little more than half of it for dinner that night and put the rest in the refrigerator. Yesterday she was pooping normally so at dinner time I opened a can of Pedigree ground dog food into her metal bowl and poured the remaining chicken and rice over the top.

As previously mentioned, the only food Bessie will eat from her bowl is "people food" and when I put canned dog food in her bowl I have to hand feed it to her with a fork. So last night Bessie goes to her bowl and eats every scrap of the chicken and rice - and leaves the canned dog food in the bowl. So I had to once again feed this to her with a fork. 

I would have thought that while enjoying the chicken and rice she would have kept on eating and gobbled up the ground dog food. But she didn't and I am still scratching my head trying to figure this out.

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  1. These pictures make me smile a lot. Our girl Freyja (our first female Rott) also has the "snooty" look sometimes :)

  2. Hahahaha, I love the last one... They do train us so well dont they.