Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hijinks in the kitchen

Never a dull moment during the breakfast hour at our house. The Mom's been fed, the Rottweilers been fed and then its time for the peanut butter pills and big biscuit ceremony. A friend who owns Rottweilers asked me one time if I had trouble giving medicine to my dogs. I asked him back if he ever tried sticking the pills in a spoon of peanut butter and he said, no. Now he says he could never get by without a jar on the kitchen table. We've been doing it forever, at least since the early days when we first had Rottweilers. Peanut butter is irresistible. Every morning we give a spoonful with their Brewer's Yeast pills and any other medicine they may be getting at the time. And its all followed with a large Milk Bone dog biscuit.

As soon as Mom had her breakfast and the table was cleared, Bess and Ruff had gotten so excited knowing what was coming next that they decided to have some play-time.
Then after the last spoonful of peanut butter was used to dispense the pills I found the jar empty. So I got out the spatula to scrap the sides and bottom and give it to the dogs. As soon as they saw me take the spatula from the drawer they seemed to know what was coming next and they got excited all over again. Even old man Axl got up from his place under the table by his Mom's side to join in.
And this last photo is some sort of record. It's the first time I saw a triple header and recorded it with the camera at the same time.
Just one more photo that I forgot to post. Reminds me of the iconic scene from the Walt Disney movie Lady and the Tramp.


  1. ABSOLUTELY Brilliant Nelson... They look so Good and that you got them all together brilliant. AAwww the nut butter all over old mans face... sweet...

    1. Flee, Want to know what's really great about the last photo? The fact that I got everyone in the picture. Holding the spatula in my left hand, kneeling on the floor holding the camera and flash in my right hand and not being able to look through the viewer to frame the picture, with three Rottweilers in my face. People brag about taking one-handed photos with a cellphone that weighs almost nothing. Try doing it with a full-size camera!

  2. The pups are way too cute .. You might call the photo , "Lady and the Scamp" You have some serious balance and talent getting everything in frame without seeing what your photographing .. I really like this new blog, I am sure I will visit often ..