Tuesday, July 14, 2015

On the care and feeding of Rottweilers, the eyes have it.

Sometimes I sit around trying to come up with an interesting topic to write about on Living With Rottweilers and then the idea pops into my head after reading someone’s comments. Like a nice lady from South Africa who wrote: 
Look at those tongues, lol. They would definitely be in contention for a Gold medal in Synchronised Licking in the doggie olympics… I love how a Rott tends to OPEN their eyes wide up when getting a treat, Both ours do it and it is hysterical… almost as if the wider their eyes the more peanut butter there is.
Her comment about the look in their eyes reminded me of my first Rottweilers almost 20 years ago. I used to call them my Three Bears and in fact that’s what they were named: Mocha Bear was my first Rottie girl who I got as a puppy, at first I called her just Mocha until we adopted her parents, Nikko Bear and Felony Bear. Here are Felony Bear, Mocha Bear and Nikko Bear in 2001.
As a funny side note, those are the actual names that I had engraved on their tombstones in the Highland Pet Cemetery. They are buried side by side.
The people who run the pet cemetery told me that another client had asked them in a rather concerned voice if there were real bears buried there. Why that would matter to anyone in a cemetery is beyond me. I did explain that among Rottweiler owners, Bear is a fairly common name.
Anyway, back to the care and feeding of Rottweilers. Felony, who I always called Felly Girl, always had the special “look” and it was that look in her eyes that literally changed my mind and made me decide to keep them and give them a forever home after my wife drove back to Long Island to get them from my daughter (but that’s another story).
The three bears always loved to share everything the two humans had and one of their favorite treats was pizza. 
Here’s the sequence of photos I took. Mocha first. The girls always go before the boys, don't they?
And then when my wife offered Felly Girl a slice I saw the Pizza Eyes look on her face. By the way, her official name on her AKC Pedigree registration is Erin Lee's Felony but since we were the third or fourth home she lived in we had no other details.
With Nikko Bear patiently waiting his turn in the background.
Not much has changed from one Rottweiler to another. Once again here is the look that seems inspired from Walt Disney's classic film Lady and the Tramp.

No tramps here in our house. 



  1. LOL Nelson, I feel Honored for the mention, thank you. I just giggled again... Felly just takes it to that awesome level.

    Kisses and slobbers

    1. Flee, I should have mentioned that the phrase "Pizza Eyes" never existed before that photo was taken but ever since it has always been the phrase I use to describe the look of hungry anticipation, be it pizza, peanut butter or any other food.

  2. My Marco does those exact eyes whenever he gets treats. He loves to have snacks tossed to him so he can catch them in the air...he's very good. It was during a session that I noticed how he pulls his upper lids up when I start to toss it. I thought maybe he was doing it to focus better but then I noticed he does it when ever I feed him anything by hand, or fork...he's a very good fork eater. I guess it's just another one of those 'Rottie things' that we come to adore about them. xo