Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Birthday, baby Bess, you are 1 year old today.

Today was the day for another birthday party. Baby Bess is no longer a baby any more, she is now a young lady Rottweiler, all of one year old. Carrying on a tradition for special occasions at our house Bess enjoyed a special dinner with a filet mignon steak, the best that a special little girl could eat. The humans had the same and also had some birthday cake. A very special guest, the wonderful lady who made it possible for me to adopt Bess, brought over some doggie ice cream, something I never heard of before. From the looks of things Bess wasn't sure what had been placed in front of her but a few quick sniffs and licks and she decided this was as good as any other people food she has enjoyed.

Update to post July 3, 2015

Had an email exchange this morning about these birthday parties and decided to dig way back into my photo collection to find some pictures that explained how this all began. These pictures were taken about 18 years ago with a 35mm camera and the prints were scanned into my computer.

A long time ago, in what seems now to be another age, my wife Jacqueline used to bake a small meat loaf birthday cake for the Rottweilers and cover it with mash potato “icing”. The first picture is from  Nikko Bear's 5th birthday, minus the icing, in 1997. We kept that tradition going for many years until a mail-order steak company accidentally sent us a shipment of frozen filet mignon that got defrosted before it arrived. While still cold the meat couldn’t be refrozen so the steak company replaced the order and that was the first day our Rotts tasted this special treat. 
And three special Rottweilers are about to savor their first filet mignon dinner.
Skip forward to one year ago and we had the combined birthday parties for 8-year old Ruffin and 13-year old Axl and I cooked up a filet for them to share. Now I am blessed with a special little Rottie girl that us three boys all helped to raise and I felt she deserved the best birthday dinner ever. And not to be outdone, two months from now, God willing, Grandpa Axl will be having a 14th birthday party sharing another steak with his buddy Ruff who will be 9-years old.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Bessie! I can't believe it's been a year already. I have really enjoyed seeing you grow up in pictures this past year, and look forward to seeing many more in the years to come!