Sunday, December 6, 2015

A change in the weather.

We had an unusual weather event over the past two days. At least for us it was. Heavy fog. Interestingly, our usually perceptive Rottweilers paid no attention to it. You would think that when you go outside and can't see across the street that you might wonder what's going on. None of our Rotts did. And the fog was pretty thick at times. Much more than this picture shows.
But the really unusual event was when the overnight temperatures dropped below freezing and it caused the fog to freeze on all the bushes, grass and trees. Its called hoarfrost. 
For some reason the white frosty covering remains on the trees and bushes longer than it does on the grass except when the morning sun shines on it but the effect on the grass is more dramatic. But once again it did not get anyone's interest.
I can't wait for baby Bess to enjoy her first snow. Last year she was too little to be allowed to run and play in it. I have already seen the affect the freezing cold air has on her. It makes her act crazy and run around like a nut. When she comes in the house her whole body was filled with exhilaration.

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