Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Something old and something new to end the year.

We went shopping today and stopped by the drive-thru at our favorite pharmacy to wish everyone a Happy New Year. As usual Ruff gets all the attention. The lady at the pharmacy thanked me for the Christmas card I dropped off and while we were talking she was joined by a few other girls who work there. Everyone was smiling at Ruff and Bess hanging out the window. I happened to mention that when we go into stores Ruff is the hugable one, especially when girls see him. So then we stopped in the pet store to pick up some dog food and Ruff did his thing once again. It must be his eyes and the way he looks at people. Or maybe his smiley happy face.
And I enjoy it when people come up to us and ask "Are they friendly? Can I pet them?" all the while their little stubby tails are wagging a mile-a-minute. But most of all, I really enjoy it when they say "They're beautiful".

Just looking back to a small sample of my favorite photos, in no particular order, here they are.

Didn't you know that Rottweilers could dance?
I often wondered where some people get their inspiration for depicting the normal lives of dogs. Two of my favorite cartoon strips used to be Dennis the Menace (and his dog Ruff) and also Marmaduke. So one day I found some cartoons that actually seemed like normal every day stuff around here and I put them together.

I took this next picture a few nights ago. It struck me as being funny because I spent $100 on that fancy dog bed and this is how Ruff sleeps on it. And as far as dog beds go, In all the years that old man Axl has been living here I have never been able to get him to sleep on one after he got to old to jump on his Mom's bed. It almost looks like Ruff came in late after some party and fell off his bed.

And just one final word

from all of us
Ruff, Bess, me, Jacqueline and Axl

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  1. What a lovely picture! Wish you all a happy, healthy New Year!