Friday, May 5, 2017

Hanging out in familiar places

For years Ruffin has always enjoyed taking naps on the bathroom floor. The cool tiles must feel very comfortable. Many times I found him sleeping in there during the nite time. Since he lost his eyesight he doesn't move around the house very much except to walk carefully to the kitchen for food or water or once in awhile to visit me in the den. So during most of the day he has adopted a new spot to hang out and take naps, the tile floor in the front hallway. And so his little baby girl Bess has also been spending a lot of time in the same place.
This was taken April 30th.
This was taken on April 24th.
Bess seems to be getting more adept in her babysitting choirs and has been dividing her attention between keeping Ruff company and keeping me company. Almost as if she has suddenly begun to realize her new calling is to be the family nursemaid. I still love her moments of puppy mischief when she raids the laundry basket for a dish towel or one of my socks but her serious side is not only welcomed but sometimes needed as we adjust to our new normal.
One additional note regarding young Bess. From the time when she was a wee little thing she always liked to curl around the base of my swivel chair while I was working on the computer. Now that she has grown up she doesn't seem to realize she can't fit under the chair any more. When she isn't hanging out with Ruff or taking a break in her little house she still tries to get as close to me as possible as these two photos show from May 1st.
Luckily my camera was within reach because I had to take these photos while still sitting in my chair at the computer and the almost impossible angle forced me to hold the camera way above my head and point it down toward the floor.
Just a small brag here but this posting is number 558 in my 21 year-long record of Living With Rottweilers and the former Rottweilers of Abby's World web site.  

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  1. my guy loves to steal socks and towels, too! Bess is such a good girl, taking care of her family.