Monday, May 15, 2017

Bess and Ruff stole me away from my TV show

I find myself watching less and less television these days, mostly because the shows are finding more ways to inject their politics into them and I hate that when they do. So tonight I sat down to watch the one show I usually watch on Monday night, Supergirl. So don't knock it, I like fantasy adventure and sci-fi. And the script writers stuck another line into the script that pushed my buttons. Here's the scene set up. The aliens invaders just shot down Air Force One and the woman president (who happens to be a different alien) climbs out of the wreckage without a scratch and Supergirl's newspaper editor, who she has just saved, sees all this and says, "Well, I hope she's still a Democrat."

So about that time Ruff came in the room and walked over to me and Bess who was laying on the couch next to me and decided he needed some loving. Having lost interest in my TV show I went and got the camera and took some photos.



  1. Such a sweet girl, Bess! How is Ruff managing? Is his eyesight improving at all?

  2. My kids love SuperGirl! she is so fresh & cute! And dude We are all Republicans here! Rottweilers, kids & parents. I am so sorry for all your recent losses. I can't even imagine what it is like for you. But you just have to keep on trucking. Get up everyday & keep going. I have a theory for life. It sucks. It is a baseline suckiness most of the time & then something awful happens & it sucks WAY WAY MORE. and then that is no longer the focus & you are back to the "baseline suckiness" and you just get up, drink some coffee & go on. And some days, one thing makes you smile & you go on. but you go on. and that is it. : ) everyday.

    1. I love your outlook on life. Its not just the politics injected into Supergirl, its running rampant through Hollywood. I am a big fan and collector of sci-fi movies and now the people who make these movies are attacking everything I believe in. You're right, though, Supergirl is wholesome and cute and I will still watch the show.