Thursday, May 25, 2017

My little girl Bess isn't so little any more.

Its been awhile since I took Bess to see the Vet. Count that as thankful she has been so healthy. Well, it was time for her annual check up and booster shots so I took her in today. After she dragged me into the office and jumped up on the counter with her front paws to see everyone and say hello, one of the technicians put Bess on the scale to see her weight. And to say I was a bit astonished is an understatement. Bess topped the scale at 110.4 lbs while she was sitting still and not jumping around. 

Some may remember two short years ago baby Bess had an eating disorder and I was worried it would stunt her growth. Ha-ha! Today she is as tall and long as Ruffin, though slimmer in the body while the old guy is a hefty 125 lbs. And for the sake of comparisons, the previously largest Rottweiler we owned was our first male Rott, Nikko Bear, and he only weighed 110 lbs. And I used to think he was big. Furthermore, Nikko was more than 5 years old when he reached his full size. Bessie will be 3 years old July 1st.
Here she is 5 months ago during our annual Christmas card project.



  1. She's a beauty! How is Ruff's eyesight? Any progress?

    1. I wish there was some sign of improvement but there hasn't been any.

  2. I enjoy reading about your Bess. Some of her antics sound so much like my Rainah, who turned 1 last week. Rotties are such wonderful companions!