Saturday, May 27, 2017

Something old and something new and something to think about

Sometimes my camera isn't in the room where all the action is. Before I went back to my den to grab it Bess was giving Ruff a ton of kisses. When I got back she flirted with me. Bess is losing her shyness over the camera. I just wish she hadn't stopped showing attention to Ruff. She has lots of moments smothering the big guy with affection.
And then there is this photo of Bessie carrying her mom's slipper in her mouth. She never did that before Jacqueline passed away. So I'm thinking she found some memories. She has such a sad look on her face.
Memorial Day is almost upon us and some people who don't fly the flag every day are starting to dig them out and display them. Wish more people showed some more patriotism every day. It seems too easy to forget just what these holidays are really for. This weekend isn't just the start of Summer season or big sales at the shopping mall or cranking up the barbecue, it's supposed to be remembering our military heroes.

Here is a photo taken a few years ago when I purchased a couple of flags that were based on Rottweilers dressed up for the various holidays. The Rottweiler almost looks like Ruff.

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  1. Thank you for your post today... It reminded me to put my flag out.