Friday, January 3, 2014

Finally, proof that they don't spend all the time sleeping.

While passing through the family room last night I caught sight of everyone comfortably resting on the couches and they were all wide awake. I quickly retreated and came back with my camera to record this important event. From some of the pictures on this blog you might get the impression that my wife and the Rottweilers spend most of their time sleeping indoors. Well, this should prove otherwise.
Next up is the expected snow storm on Sunday followed by the Arctic blast from Canada that will bring us -10 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures on Tuesday morning. We all know the Rotties love cold air but this will certainly be a wake up for them when they go out to pee before breakfast.
Around here we call that Bippy Freezing weather but I suppose everyone knows what their Bippy is.
Oh, in case you were curious, the pink thing under the couch is to keep Ruff's toys from rolling under the furniture.

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  1. I just found your blog today by googling "Rottweiler Christmas Cards" and I love it! I cracked up reading this post. My Jada loooves to sleep on the couch and my phone is full of pictures of her sleeping in various poses. She is my best friend and assistant in all matters of life. Your boys are very handsome!