Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy Birthday little Sassy. You're 11-years old today.

Our little girl Sassy turned 11 today. She has had a hard life from the day she was born but she has always remained a happy little girl who enjoyed being with her family even if she sometimes earned the reputation of a hermit. In spite of the poor results from her double ACL surgery many years ago, Sassy has always remained in control of her larger and more rambunctious boys, Axl and Ruffin. While Sassy has always been content to just lie in the grass or even in the snow because walking wasn't as comfortable with her as it should be, she always keeps a keen eye on what the two boys are doing. And if they start to play too rough she will immediately go to them and face them down with a very stern look.
Sassy is living proof of just how misjudged the Rottweiler breed have been. Before she was born her two parents had been acquired by some bad drug dealers to guard their property in Southwestern Kentucky. One day the Kentucky State Police raided the drug dealer and the two adult Rottweilers greeted them like company coming to visit. Because they were so friendly the police turned them over to the Bowling Green Humane Shelter to be put up for adoption. On January 15, 2003 the female Rottweiler gave birth to a litter of puppies. I'm told that the shelter had placed the pair together in the same pen and in the turmoil only six puppies survived. Sassy was one of them. A friend told me about the man who was running Southern Kentucky Doberman/Rottweiler Rescue and asked if I wanted to adopt one of the puppies. This man had already found a home on a farm in Indiana for the two parents. We drove down to Louisville to meet him and brought Sassy home with us. She was immediately adopted by my first Rottweiler, Mocha, who raised her as her own since she was already spayed.
It wasn't too many years ago that Sassy was a very strict den mother to Ruff and Axl. I am not surprised because Mocha's mother was the boss of our older house and Mo taught Sassy how. You can see the look on her face as she stares her disapproval at their play. Then in the next shot she has backed Ruffin down when she made him stop.
I hope this picture meets with approval. It is a composite of three other photos. It is very hard to get them all together in the same photo looking in the right direction.
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  1. The picture was wonderfully done! Happy Birthday to your girl!