Wednesday, January 22, 2014

FRIGID! Winter returns and Rottweilers are enjoying it.

What kind of a Winter you have depends on where you live, obviously, although I can't imagine Christmas in Hawaii. When I lived on Long Island we normally had lots of snowstorms in the 8-12 inch variety and once in awhile even as much as 18 inches but the temperatures seldom approached zero because we were surrounded by water. Out here in Kentucky it is completely different, we live inside the Ohio Valley geological formation that gets lots of cold air from Canada. Even though we are at a more southerly latitude than Long Island we have some fiercely cold winters with many days with sub-zero temperatures and even one day of -24F since we've been here. We have already gone through several days of -10F to -15F and that was only two weeks ago. Now after it warmed up enough to melt all of our snow we got another storm yesterday that gave us 6 more inches and -5F this morning. And though we have extreme cold we don't have as much snow as Long Island. Except that this year we had a half dozen little snowstorms that gave us 27 inches all together, much more than normal for this area.
One little advantage to getting lots of smaller snowstorms is that each time we get them it erases all the Rottie footprints on the front lawn and makes everything look brand new again.
Then there are the Rottweilers. They seem to live for the winter time. The cold air exhilarates them when they go out and when they come inside they act crazy. When the temperature dropped to -10F the TV news casts warned of animals getting frostbite so I did not let them stay out for more than a few minutes at a time. And I got a lot of complaints when I made them come in the house. Here are some recent pictures from yesterday during the big snowstorm and this morning.

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