Saturday, January 25, 2014

For want of another word I'm calling it a BLIZZARD.

At 9 AM this morning, actually less than two hours ago, the snow was coming down really heavy and the wind was causing the flag to stand out straight. We had small snow drifts. The snow was already above the bottom of the storm door so it was about 10-inches at that point. Sassy was the first to go out after I pushed open the storm door and she misjudged the depth of the snow when she stepped out and fell into it. The weatherman said this would be the height of the storm and it was to last until Noon. I went out to look for the newspaper but saw no sign of it in the driveway so I took some pictures and we all came in for breakfast. 
I think Ruff was looking to play with someone but changed his mind.
Ruff followed me out to the driveway and then we headed back to the house.
I think today is going to turn into a real mess. I have plenty of towels by the front and back doors and I hope the Rottweilers don't pester me to let them out every half-hour.


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