Sunday, January 5, 2014

Looks like everything is back to normal.

Well, the big scare is over and we all had a good night's sleep last night now that Ruff is back home with his family. Ruffin acted like nothing happened at all after we brought him home from his overnight stay in the hospital. His only souvenir was the green bandage on his front leg from his IV. He managed to get most of it off by bedtime and I removed the rest of it. He has a return visit to see Dr. Bruner on Wednesday and I'm sure all the girls in the Vets's office will be glad to see him too.
This morning after breakfast I spotted Ruff taking another nap on the couch in the family room. Striking one of his (in)famous centerfold poses. Modesty was never an issue with my baby Rottweiler when he was younger and apparently it never will be as he gets older.
And, Yes, he got more than a few extra hugs and kisses yesterday. Most came from me but I had to add a few dozen more that came attached to all the well wishes he received via email.

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