Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Its been awhile since we had a night at the movies.

Yes, we haven't had a night at the movies with the camera and my two best friends to share it with. As you can see, it all starts with a very respectable pose, just two handsome Rotties laying next to each other on the couch.
Thank goodness for the pause button on the remote. I needed to use that when ever the action on the TV screen moved on to the couch.
I'm not sure but at first glance it looks like the two love birds are making out. Ah, but what can you say about a May-December romance. But it didn't last long. From Bessie's point of view close contact is the same as close combat.
From the look on Ruff's face I don't think he appreciated the mood change.


  1. AAAwww Nelson, they do look so cute when they are quite. LOL, if only it lasted .. I do hope all s better hat side

    Kindest Flee

  2. Things are going well, Flee. Planing for a big birthday party for Bess on July 1st.

    1. A very super dooper happy birthday to Bess for tomorrow. I do hope there is Cake, or Steak (they rhyme) involved. Kisses and slobbery hugs to all.


    2. Flee, both the cake and the steak are on the menu for Wednesday night. Since Bess enjoys people food so much I don't think she'll object to a filet mignon steak. She is that special. And the cake will be for the humans (along with our own steak).