Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pardon our butts.

I just got an email from a very nice lady reminding me that I haven't posted any new stories or pictures. And thank you Ella for asking if we were alright. We are all OK but it has been somewhat busy around here working out some problems and I didn't realize its been 10 days. One of those little things that was on my mind was what to do about Bessie's 1st birthday party on July 1st. I am going to have a party for my special little girl. She is slowly starting to eat regular meals and a few days ago I got her on a scale at Petsmart and she now weighs 83 lbs.
So before I get involved with fixing anything else I promise to get some new photos up tomorrow.

Last week I ran into the woman who arranged Bessie's adoption last year. She has been reading this blog and keeping track on Bessie's progress and she took out her cell phone and showed me a video of her two dogs pulling on a low hanging branch on one of her trees. She was prompted to take the video after reading what Bessie was doing when I wrote about The Magical Tree. I think if Bessie was bigger she might have torn the branch off the tree like my friends dog's did.

OK, here is some leftover photos from the horse race on June 6th that didn't seem worthy. 
OK, guys, now turn around and smile for the camera.

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