Thursday, June 25, 2015

Its a wonder I get anything done around here with all the help I get.

Once in awhile I get to record a cute picture of my Rottweilers because I planned ahead and had a camera ready. Other times, like this, I stop what I'm doing and beg them to stay the way they were until I dash off to grab it. The morning ritual of getting my wife dressed is one of those opportunities. Bessie just loves watching me tie Jacqueline's shoe laces. She loves it so much she sometimes unties them so I can do it all over again for her entertainment.

Axl, is never more than an arm's length away from the bed and I sometimes have to literally slide him across the floor to make room for me to work. So while he is slowly waking up I am scratching his ears, telling him what a wonderful job he did taking care of his Mom while she slept and putting on her socks and shoes at the same time. 

Then we add Bess to the mix and I begin to see how much affection she has for her no-longer grumpy Grandpa. And while I'm struggling to find room to work while kneeling on the floor, Bess comes in, plops down and shoves Axl aside to get closer to the action. It makes for a wonderful start of the new day.
By the way, when Bess and Ruff get this close to each other it becomes instant playtime but when she is with Axl it is totally different. She spends a lot of time licking his face and his ears and after Axl had his lip surgery she spent days licking and cleaning the wound. And Axl loves every minute of it.


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