Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Playing indoors on a rainy day.

Thanks to Tropical Storm Bill the weather is going to be quite wet around here till next week. So the little girl who spends most of her day hanging out with me in the den has been trying to get me to play with her. And how can anyone refuse such a sweet, loveable look, especially when she comes over and drops her favorite ball in my lap. So we play toss and catch and it makes her happy.
Bess may not have been putting on any new weight lately but she has certainly developed some muscles. I took both Ruff and Bess into Petsmart on Saturday and it was like trying to hold a runaway tractor on a leash. Then I decided to take only Bess by herself into our other favorite pet store and she acted fine and proper on the leash. Put her and Ruff together and its like a chemical reaction. Maybe all those cute hand-to-hand combat pictures aka playschool with Ruffin, her foster daddy, were a bad idea. Ruffin didn't know what was expected of him when he first laid eyes on the little furball last September. And being a baby girl Rottweiler, Bess just naturally thought she had to dominate the giant version of herself. 

I'm so glad she acts differently with me. Well, almost. She follow me everywhere and enjoys pulling little pranks like grabbing the cuff of my pants when I'm walking. When I set out my wife's pajamas and bed clothes Bess sneaks in a runs off with the underwear. Every night! Then she will come to me with the helpless little girl look and asks me to fetch her toy that rolled under the couch and it just makes me get all soft and melt. I once joked about how well she has trained me but it isn't always funny. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Bessie is adorable, cute, playful and full of love. And she is the most beautiful female Rottweiler I've ever seen. Her tan markings are so vivid and deep and her black coat is gorgeous and her teeth are so white they almost glow in the dark. I think I'm gonna keep her. We're gonna grow old together.