Saturday, June 27, 2015

Morning, Noon and Night

Note: The following three stories and pictures were taken over the past two days and not in the order presented. Hope you don't mind. 

The Morning Routine.

It pays to plan ahead. After the last episode of shoe lace tying when all of the action was finished by the time I got out the camera, this morning I decided to lay a trap for my ever-willing accomplice. So with the camera set up and the remote in my hand I began to do the simple thing that I do every morning. Get my wife dressed. And as soon as I got on her socks and picked up her shoes my little Bessie came into the room.

For some unexplained reason the flash didn't go off on the first three pictures and the camera shifted into aperture mode so everything that was moving (Bessie) was a little blurred.
But I think you can make out what was going on. Then I fixed the flash and continued.
Finished! Last shoe tied, again, and time for breakfast.

The Afternoon Routine.

The TV is on all day long even though I'm sure no one is watching it. It just works to keep everyone company, like having conversation in the background. So Jacqueline is in her recliner going through her collection of magazines and her bodyguards, baby sitters, companions are lounging around with her.
Just another quiet day. Thankfully, living on a dead end street we are seldom bothered by door-to-door salesmen ringing the doorbell. Glad we have a full-glass storm door, too. When the occasional salesman does ring the bell all I need do is open the inside door and let them see three excited Rottweilers standing there. A wave of the hand and they quickly leave.

The Nighttime Routine.

After dinner its back to the family room. And when I happened to walk in the room I spotted Bess giving Grandpa Axl some face licks so I went and got the camera. I didn't catch any more of that but I got a few nice pictures of Ruff, Bess and the old man.
And while I was sitting on the floor my best friend Ruff decided to wash my face. Actually, I think he likes to lick my whiskers because I hadn't shaved for a few days.
From this position on the floor I happened to notice up close Axl's face full of gray hairs and he looks so dignified in his old age. I can't believe he will be 14 years old in September and he is still able to get around by himself. Of course, I also realize he has taken on an important task being a constant companion to his Mom. Sometimes when you have a purpose in life it gives you the motivation to take care of it.
He sure does look happy in this photo, doesn't he? He deserves to be since he took on a new life after he retired seven years ago.


  1. AAAwww the kisses... LOL, and yes Axl sure does look so dignified with his grey... What a beautiful boy.
    Bes is looking so gorgeous now. She really does look well after the eating scare. Am glad all is going well on your side.


    1. Flee, FYI, the picture of Ruff slobbering my face is technically a selfie but with a full size Nikon held at arm's length. I had it resting on Axl's back to hold it steady.